Executives focus on outward contribution and gear their efforts to results rather than to work. What results are expected of me?
Effective executives buld on strengths – their own strengths, the strengths of their superiors, colleagues, and […]
The effective executive focuses on contribution. He looks up from his work and outward toward goals.
Keep the time to experiment and to let your curiosity to get the better of you. Break the rules, so that new rules can be created
When everything changes and you have to make big decisions, follow this advice on which self you want to see realised
Here i want to suggest you few advices to build a great goal list for your mid-term achievements.
I suggest you the very first step to start achieving more with less energy and stress.
Social networks are becoming more and more intrusive in our lives and often we have no control on what and how we are using them for. Here I suggest the 1st step to avoid Social Network Addiction