This is a peculiar claim, and certainly not easy to accomplish…

I started learning concepts of multivariate analysis during my master’s in computer science and this is a fundamental technique to study and comprehend problems from data. The main proposition is that to describe a phenomenon you need data, and more specifically, data representing different information. For example, if you want to describe the weather, you need the temperature, but also the location at which the temperature is collected, but also the humidity in that location, and the infrared radiation level, but also the time at which all those information is collected.

So, even an apparently simple problem like weather, suddenly start being complicated and difficult to understand, let alone predict. And, by the way, the weather forecasts are one of the most challenging and, possibly unsolvable, problem we have from both a technological and mathematical point of view.

The world is full of situation and context that require a wide set of information to be collected and understood, and sometimes these information change as time pass.

To understand the world in a more open and effective way, we need to understand that everything is a multivariable analysis, and indeed, usually, people who complain the most and think they have all the solutions, do that because limit their view of the world to one or too few variables at a time.

Multivariable analysis is complex, and requires understanding and study, but through all this you can train yourself to better understand the world and make real step towards the truth.


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